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Farewell and Good Luck: Embracing Change as We Bid Farewell to a Beloved Colleague

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

It is bittersweet to announce that another one of our staff members has ended their career with Austin Aspires. Gema stepped into a temporary position, without question to help fill a need in supporting Austin’s’ youth.

Gema, the time has come for you to begin a new journey, and while you will be missed, we are so thankful for the support and impact you have made on the children you worked with.

Gema has become an integral part of the team and a trusted friend to not only the children she works with but also to those of us who have had the opportunity of working with her. Her ability to connect with the kids while employing patience, kindness and guanine care, not only helped them develop academically but also helped nurture their emotional well-being.

Please remember that although you may be leaving our team, you will forever remain a cherished member of our family and we hope to work again with you in the future! Thank you for your dedication to the children of Austin and the impact you had on the rest of the Austin Aspires staff.

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