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We are a StriveTogether Organization.

StriveTogether is a national leader in collective impact. The StriveTogether approach brings together cross-sector community leaders and practitioners to improve outcomes for children in the community of Austin. 

See StriveTogether’s very first annual report to learn more about how StriveTogether organizations around the country are working to make a difference in the lives of 13.7 million children and counting.

​TOGETHER we can make a difference for all children!

​StriveTogether brings proven expertise, effective resources and nationally-recognized collective impact approach that enables communities to create local education ecosystems to support children and youth from cradle to career.

This approach helps align existing resources to increase impact by using data to determine what works best for children. Strive supports communities in shared outcomes and indicators of success to use across programs and systems, identifying promising practices and allowing for meaningful dialogue about local disparities and solutions to close achievement gaps.

To join the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, Austin Aspires met a set of quality benchmarks that indicate it has engaged a cross-sector group around a common education vision. Austin Aspires also demonstrated its ability to support the creation of sustainable infrastructure to drive change, and committed to being accountable for improving an identified set of academic outcomes..

Collective impact strives to align community resources and assets to address identified community need. Instead of working in isolation, collective impact has proven that community-level change can happen in a sustainable way when we all work collaboratively toward measurable goals.

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