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Austin Area Resources

School Resources

Community Learning Center Preschool
     (507) 460-1700

Semcac Head Start Preschool                             
     (507) 433-8487

Applelane Community Childcare Preschool       
     (507) 433-0070

Wee Learning Center Preschool                   
     (507) 433-6463


Congregational Preschool
    (507) 219-0840

YMCA Preschool
     (507) 433-1804

Pacelli Catholic Preschool
     (507) 437-3278

Food Resources

Food Shelf: Open Tuesdays 9-11:30 & 1-3:30, Wednesdays 1-3:30

Thursdays 9-11:30 & 1-3:30

Friday 9-11:45

For those who have a hard time shopping the food shelf, you can designate a proxy to shop for you.  Just give the proxy your participant card and send them during a food shelf day and time. 


If you would rather pick up a prepacked box of food, call ahead of your arrival to request one and let us know when you will be arriving to pick it up. 


For those who shop the food shelf, we ask you bring your own boxes/bags to take your food home in, we cannot guarantee having boxes for you.

Address: 409 1st Ave NE

Phone: (507) 437-4566

Salvation Army.jpg

Community Meals: Anyone who may need a prepared meal can come to our building Monday through Thursday, 5-5:30 pm.  Meals are served in our fellowship hall upstairs.  We are also offering take out meals.  If you prefer to pick up a meal rather than eating in, you can come up to the fellowship hall and request a meal to go.

Free Shelf:  This is usually day old bread from the local stores,  the items will be available during office hours as we have product available.


*Closures will be announced on KAAL TV 6 and through social media. A sign will also be posted on the door. 

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