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Austin Aspires’ staff, students, families share the importance of state grants and donations

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Austin Aspires staff, along with students and families from the community were able to attend The Education Partnership Coalition (EPC) Day on the Hill. 

EPC coalition members were able to share the importance of the work done through funding from state grants and donations from the communities they are in. While there, Austin Aspires was fortunate to meet with Sen. Gene Dornink and Rep. Patricia Muller where staff and students shared the importance of this funding through impact stories and data-driven results. 

These grants allow Austin Aspires to have navigators in the schools, tutors available for students, and many more supports for families and children in our community. Last year, Austin Aspires’ staff worked closely with over 800 families to provide access to food support, legal support, transportation services, childcare, medical services, and so much more.

The EPC Day on the Hill coincided with Minnesota’s Children Advocacy Day.

Organizations from across the state came together to rally support for the passage of new bills to provide all Minnesota families with a safe and healthy place for their young children to learn and grow.  Along with other Strive Together organizations, Austin Aspires will continue the important work of eliminating Minnesota’s opportunity gaps to ensure all families have the ability to succeed. 

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