​​I can…

  • count to 10

  • identify some letters and numbers from 1-10

  • identify 8 shapes and 11 colors

  • listen to a book and talk about the story

  • sing along with favorite songs

  • write my first name and draw to communicate

  • use a pencil and scissors

  • run, skip, jump, and play outside

  • tell you my full name

  • brush my teeth, wash my hands and     dress  myself

  • take turns

  • follow 2 step directions

  • make safe choices and be gentle with others


  • talk about my feelings


Provide opportunities for children to play with same age peers

Play games or do activities with your child that require attention for 10 minutes

Help your child learn to wash their hands, brush their teeth, or other self-care activities

Recognize and talk about feelings


All learners will be ready for kindergarten


Read to your child every day

Repeat familiar songs, poems, and rhymes

Count with your child

Notice shapes in your environment

Point out colors everywhere you go

Ask your child questions


When a learner is ready for Kindergarten they say…


​​Play outside as much as possible

Run, skip, jump and gallop

Use crayons, markers, pencils, or paintbrushes to draw shapes and lines

Practice cutting with scissors

Thank you to our Action Team and Student Advisory Board members who donated their time and talent to help prepare materials for our Kindergarten Readiness Kits.
​We are also so thankful to our friends from First United Methodist Church who generously donated the funds for this impactful project! #talkreadsingaustin

For those interested in hosting parent education seminars on Kindergarten Readiness.

Kindergarten Readiness Tips
​Download and enjoy this Kindergarten prep booklet that provides enjoyable and valuable activities to help your child prepare for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness Booklet/English
Kindergarten Readiness Booklet/ Spanish
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