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What is your Spark?

 Finding and developing one’s Spark results in “thriving”.

 “Spark” is the metaphor used to describe the internal animating force that propels development forward.

Thriving is a balance between continuity and discontinuity of development over time that is optimal for the individual-context system.

Thriving reflects both where a young person is at the moment and whether he is on a path toward creating a person-context system in which he as an individual and the contexts he is in (e.g., families, schools, communities) are mutually benefiting.

Researchers named several indicators of thriving, including:

• personal growth;

• fulfillment of one’s potential;

• orientation toward the future;

• meaning and purpose;

• emotional well-being;

• psychological well-being;

• social well-being; and

• individual characteristics such as initiative or caring.

​Lerner, RM, Brentano, C., Dowling E.M. & Anderson, P.M.. (2002) "Positive Youth Development: Thriving as the basis of personhood in civil society. New Directions for Youth Development, 95, 11-33

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